Rare White Penguin in Antartica

White Penguin

English: Location of Aitcho Islands, Antarctica.

Image via Wikipedia

Uniquely identified by it’s skin color a rare nearly white penguin has been seen among its fellows community members of black and white color in Aitcho Islands of Antartica region. Take a glimpse of this beautiful creature. For more details visit: http://www.expeditions.com

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Get Wowed By Deep Sea Exotic Beauty Discoveries

View the newly discovered deep sea creatures in slide show:

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Scientists recently discovered quite a diverse range of unknown colorful creatures living in deep sea of the northern Indonesia ocean bed, which covers plate-sized sea spiders and flower-like sponges that looks like to be carnivorous. The exciting 3 week expedition predicted the discovery of 40 new species of plants and sea animals.

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Heart Shaped Jelly Fish Beauty

Comb Jelly

Comb Jelly With Heart Shape

Image Source: National Geographic News

This heart shaped beautiful Jelly fish known as Comb Jelly was discovered from Sargasso Sea, North Atlantic(near Bermuda Triangle). I find it another deep sea creature beauty. Hope you guys will like this Jelly fish. 🙂

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View Rare Yellow Lobster

Rare Yellow Lobster

Rare Yellow Lobster

A very rare yellow lobster having discover-ability ratio of 1 in 30 million was caught last week in Narragansett Bay off the coast of Newport, Rhode Island. For your kind information, Lobster shells are found in 3 general colors that are; yellow, blue and red. Red is the most common one, while the other two are rare. The blue ones occur in 1 in every 4 million lobsters. 🙂

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Glimpse Unknown Creatures On Earth

Image source Reuters

Recently scientists in the Foja Mountains that are in the western side of the island of New Guinea, Indonesia discovered all new or rarely seen creatures that can amaze anyone by their sheer beauty. Some of the new creatures that were discovered are woolly giant Rat, tree Mouse, world’s smallest Wallaby, Mastrigt Butterfly, Long-nosed Tree Frog, Bent-toed Gecko with yellow Eyes among few other creatures like rare golden-mantled tree kangaroo that can climb trees etc. Read more…

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Sunlight Beauty In The Lap Of Nature

Nature has infinite colors and beautiful faces that one can’t even imagine at all. One of the face is shown in the given pictures here. See the beauty of sun light that is playing with the green elements(trees, green fields, green environment etc.) of nature, only to make you one of the devotee of nature’s beauty.

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Time To Meet Worlds Immortal Creature!


Immortal Creature - Jellyfish

It’s time to meet immortal creature of world i.e Jellyfish(turritopsis nutricula species of jellyfish). Read More…

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